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Excel to Python: How To Add A Column in Pandas

When working with dataframes instead of excel, we gain a massive amount of power and capabilities given python is a programming language, and excel is a spreadsheet. One of the things we lose, however, is the graphic interface. The ability to click a button and add a column. Below are a number of ways you

How To Calculate Restocking Quantities for a VMI Based on a Min / Max Setup

Below is a walkthrough which takes the current inventory at a customer facility, and calculates the quantity of each item we need to bring over in order to restock their inventory. Assumptions We assume that the inventory analysis is being done on a customer using Vendor Managed Inventory with a Min/Max setup Vendor Managed Inventory

Creating a Control Chart with Automated Rule Checks

Below is a quick walkthrough of building and analyzing a control chart using basic six sigma methodologies. Libraries I use python for most data analysis done in for supply chain. In this case, I will be importing Numpy and Pandas libraries to add some functionality. I will also be bringing in Matplotlib in order to create the graphs we

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