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Helping B2B Business Get More From Less

More Cash

Higher EBITDA and cash means more opportunities for investment, improvement, and distributions.

More Time

Run you growing business with less employees and greater freedom from day to day operations.

More Sales

Grow your business by creating the company that makes your competitors nervous

Strategy & Operations

I help B2B businesses redesign key parts of their strategies and operations to unlock untapped growth, profitability, and efficiency. Using a proven process I have developed and used to help over 20 businesses, operating in 5 industries, located in 4 countries, I can help you rethink your business from the ground up.

  • Data Reporting & Insights
  • Strategy Development
  • Operations Design & Optimization

Some of our project and services

Supply Chain Optimization

With extensive experience in supplier management and supply chain optimization, we can fix a large number of problems including bad suppliers, long lead-times, untenable cash cycles, quality issues, etc.

Operational Design

Our core service offering, operational design can bring higher sales, margins, and cash all at once. with no investment needed. Using technology and strategies we’ve learned, we rethink your processes from the ground up.

Data Reporting & Insights

We do custom reports with insights for improvements on a weekly and monthly basis. We watch the business and provide ways to increase sales, lower expenses, or improve key metrics.

Custom ERP / Software

Sometimes the perfect software just isn’t available. With a deep understanding of B2B business, we design and develop custom software for our clients when needed.

Take your skills to the next level.


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