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Data Science For Supply Chain

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Using Data Science Tools for Supply Chain Problems

A free email course to get you started! 

The types of problems and decisions made by you, today's supply chain worker, are growing more complex and using much more data than ever before. 

For this reason, the tools that sufficed 5 years ago are growing more and more inadequate at helping you perform analysis, find insights, and reach decisions. This has resulting in people like yourself spending more and more time working, or wrestling, with data, spreadsheets, and endless google searches for "how to ____" 

The landscape is changing , and the good news is that there is a whole new set of tools. Tools that can automate much of work and help you get back to what you used to do every day - actually make progess at your job and your career. Learning these new tools doesn't not need to be scary or unapproachable. In fact, many of these tools make your job easier and will make excel look like an abacus once you master them.

This free email course is a series of 5 lessons that will help you get setup and performing analysis within minutes. In these few short lessons you will learn

  • How to create a "data science environment" to tackle any problem or analysis
  • How to import and use any type of file including excel files, csv, website tables, json, and more
  • How to visualize your data and understand what it is saying within minutes
  • How to manipulate it into new sheets and tables
  • How to automate your repetitive tasks and analysis
  • How to predict and forecast using simple and common techniques

We will be using some common problems to illustrate what is possible with these tools such as:

  • open order reports
  • inventory levels
  • demand planning
  • sales figures
  • delivery routes

By the end of this short and introductory email course, you will have a very basic understanding of the basic tools, with enough knowledge to start building on your own.


Testimonial From a small business owner

The lesson on automating excel analysis alone has saved me hours of work each week. That means more time with things that build the business like sales and service rather than being frustrated with Excel files and inventory planning.

— Ross Mcmanus, President of Mcmanus Gas

The truth is... 

I was where you are not too long ago. I was spending most of my working hours doing the same monotonous work in excel week in and week out. I was 

  • emailed files from customers and suppliers, 
  • combining it with internal data to create new reports,
  • then emailing it back out to customers, suppliers, or others at my company.

One day it hit me that most of what I was doing did not require my knowledge or input, only my time and labor. So I started researching how to automate much of the work to make time for the things I actually wanted to do.

Even more than this, I was hitting the limits of what excel was capable of. Creating basic calculators was easy, but what about playing inventory scenarios, optimizing logistics routes, or including weather data for analysis?

The problem was I have no formal computer background or programming understanding. I wanted to use more powerful tools but didn't have the right training. Through the last few years of self-teaching, attending courses, (and a lot of mistakes), I have finally reached a point where most analysis, machine learning, and even artificial intelligence problems have become quite easy! 

I can get 10x or even 100x more done with less time just by using better tools. In this free email course, I have put together the most straightforward and basic introduction to these tools. It includes everything I learned on getting started, and what I would do if I was starting over again. 

There is no need for you to be confused or lost. I will share with you the basics over a few emails, and if you have any further questions, you can contact me directly - and I can walk you through the problem!

Within a few short lessons, you will be on your way to using the basic tools and building your knowledge on basic concepts for a whole new level of analytical capability. Your job will be easier, your work will be better, and your career will thank you.

Take the free course here with surprises or need to purchase anything else. Be up and rolling within a few minutes and start to see the possibility that lies with data science tools and techniques!